Shimabara Onsen ~HotSpring~

Shimabara Onsen is a hot spring that is easy to access for anyone and has a deep history.

There are many day-trip hot springs that are loved not only by tourists but also by Jimoti.

This time we will introduce 6 day trip hot springs in Shimabara City!

namebusiness hoursBathing fee (adult)parkingopen-air bathIf I were to express my charm in one word…
Hotel: Nanpurou7:00~23:00
Cleaning hours 11:00-12:00 Men’s bath (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Women’s bath (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
1,000yenAvailableMore like an amusement park than a hot spring
Hotel: Seaside12:00~23:00
(Last reception 22:00)
500yenAvailableI like carbonated springs!
Ryokan(inn): ue no yuIrregular holidays
*It seems that the hot water will not be reheated, so it is recommended to use it during the day.
550yenAvailable×Shimabara’s back parlor~
Public bath: Yutorogi no yu10:00〜21:00 (Reception until 20:30)
*Closed on Wednesdays
*2 hours free
×I wonder what today is? Daily hot water
Ryokan(inn): Kaibousou10:00〜20:00600yenAvailable×100% natural hot spring flowing directly from the source
Public bath: Bijin no Yu10:00〜21:00
*Closed on Tuesdays
530yenAvailableדBeauty bath” that makes your skin moist and smooth
List: Day trip hot springs in Shimabara City
*Information is as of January 2023

Characteristics of Shimabara Onsen

First, I will introduce the characteristics of Shimabara Onsen 😌

Spring quality

Shimabara Onsen’s spring quality is hydrogen carbonate spring.

Hydrogen carbonate springs are also called “beauty baths” because they remove unnecessary dead skin and dirt from the skin’s pores. It is said to be effective against cuts, peripheral circulation disorders, sensitivity to cold, and dry skin.

History & rare “hot water supply method”

Shimabara Onsen began in earnest in 1967.

We have adopted a “centralized management method,” which is rare in the country for city projects. The heated hot water is supplied to inns, hotels, businesses, etc. using hot spring water pipes buried underground in the city.

Now, let’s introduce some day trip hot springs in Shimabara City.

Hotel Nanpurou

First up is the day trip hot spring at Hotel Nanpurou. You can relax in the hot springs while enjoying the ocean view of the Ariake Sea.

Hotel Nanpurou (bathing fee 1,000 yen)

Nanpurou’s day trip hot spring is popular not only with tourists but also with locals. *Hotel guests may be given priority during busy periods on Saturdays and Sundays.

The bathing fee is 1,000 yen, which is relatively expensive, but once you step inside, you’ll understand why.

I no longer think of the day-trip hot springs at Nanpurou as “an amusement park, not a hot spring.”

The sauna is especially impressive. Personally, I am grateful that there is a steam sauna, which is rare in the city.

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Hotel Seaside Shimabara

Next up is a day trip hot spring at the hotel. This is a day trip hot spring in Seaside Shimabara.

Personally, I like Shimabara Onsen the best✨

Seaside Shimabara (bathing fee 500 yen)

For day trip hot springs in Seaside Shimabara, you can choose from two options: 👇. The bathing fee is 500 yen for both.

Hot spring treatment (1st floor)

Large observation bath (6th floor of new building)

To summarize the merits of each,

Hot spring treatment area: If you want to sit on a chair and take a bath in the open air, this is recommended.

Large public bath with a view:If you want an ocean view, this is recommended.

That’s how it feels.

There is also a sauna in the observation bath, but there are no chairs for outdoor bathing. Also, this is completely a personal preference, but it’s also good that there are no TVs in the saunas of hot springs. Because you can concentrate on the sauna.

Both have high concentration carbonated hot springs, but I feel that the hot springs leave more bubbles on the skin (゜-゜)

In any case, it is a hot spring that is irresistible for carbonated spring lovers 👍

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Hot spring above the ryokan, Niiyama Onsen

The next hot spring I would like to introduce is Niiyama Onsen, which is located in the ryokan Kamiyu.

ue no yu (bathing fee 550 yen)

Also known as “Shimabara’s Okuzashiki”.

This is a healing hot spring located a little closer to the Yamate side of the city (at the foot of Mt. Bizan).

It is not flashy compared to other day trip hot springs. However, it is a hidden popular day-trip hot spring that is effective against atopic dermatitis, women’s diseases, skin diseases, sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, gastrointestinal diseases, neuralgia, rheumatism, etc.

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Yutorogi no Yu

Next up is Yutorogi-no-Yu, a day-trip hot spring located near the “Carp Swimming Town”, a sightseeing spot in Shimabara.

Yutorogi no Yu (bathing fee: 530 yen for adults, 270 yen for elementary school students and younger)

Yutorogi no Yu = THE public hot spring atmosphere.

It’s a bit disappointing that there is no open-air bath, but you can enjoy daily special hot springs such as medicinal baths.

Furthermore, there is a footbath in the parking lot for free! It’s a place where you can stop by while walking around town.


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Ryokan Kaibouso

Next is the day trip hot spring at Ryokan Kaibosou. This inn is located near Shimabara Outer Port.

Ryokan Kaibosou (bathing fee: 600 yen for adults, 300 yen for elementary and junior high school students)

A day trip hot spring where you can take a bath while looking out at the ocean. Unfortunately, there was no open-air bath.

The biggest feature is that it is the only 100% natural hot spring in Shimabara.

The bathtub in the large public bath is quite deep, so you can warm up from below your neck.

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Bijin no yu(Beauty bath)

The top prize is Ariake Onsen’s “Bijin no Yu.”

※”Bijin no Yu.” means Beauty bath.

Bijin no Yu (bathing fee: 320 yen for adults within the city, 530 yen for adults outside the city, 150 yen for children within the city, 270 yen for children outside the city)
*Discounts available for those over 70 years old and those with disabilities.

The quality of the hot springs is a simple hot spring that flows continuously. It’s slightly alkaline water has a “skin-beautifying effect” by removing dead skin cells, which is why it’s called Bijin no Yu.

There is no open-air bath.

There is a training room attached, so you can relax in the hot spring after working up a sweat.

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