The Allure of Shimabara: A City Living with Water


Shimabara City, located on the eastern side of the Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture, is a city adorned with beautiful nature, history, and culture. Among its many distinctive features, the abundance of natural spring water stands out. Various spring water spots are scattered throughout the city, deeply embedded in the lives of the people since ancient times.

shimabara city

This article explores the charm of Shimabara, a city living with water, from various perspectives, including the diversity of its spring water, its benefits to the lives of its residents, and its recommended tourist attractions.

Abundant Water Resources in Shimabara

Shimabara is blessed with approximately 200,000 tons of spring water gushing out every day. This abundant water resource is attributed to the city’s unique topography, geology, and the active volcano Mount Fugen.

Within Shimabara City, numerous spring water spots serve as places of respite for the citizens. These spots were historically utilized not only for fetching water but also for laundry and other essential daily activities.

Shimabara’s Lifestyle Nurtured by Spring Water

The inhabitants of Shimabara have long cherished the benefits of spring water. The abundant water has supported the development of various industries such as agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing. Furthermore, traditional food culture utilizing spring water has also been preserved.

“Kanzarashi,” a Shimabara specialty, is a summer treat made of白玉団子 (白玉 dumplings) chilled in spring water and topped with sweet syrup. Additionally, a rich food culture exists in Shimabara that revolves around water, including dishes made with vegetables cultivated using spring water.

Tourist Attractions Interwoven with Spring Water and History

Shimabara boasts numerous tourist attractions where spring water and history are intertwined.

Shimabara Castle: The “Buke Yashiki Suiro” (武家屋敷水路) located within the castle is a beautiful watercourse that utilizes spring water.

Inohara Kanamono Ten: A hardware store located in the Moritake Shopping Street near Shimabara Castle. The attached cafe offers desserts made with spring water.

Hotel Mio: A hotel located in the shopping street where you can experience the spring water. It also operates as a cafe during the day.

These spots, which offer a harmonious blend of history, culture, and nature, attract many tourists.

Experience the Charm of Shimabara, a City Living with Water

Shimabara is a city where life thrives alongside water. The abundant spring water sustains the lives of its residents and fosters a rich culture. We invite you to visit Shimabara, where history, nature, and culture converge, and experience the charm of a city living with water.

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