Fishing boat “Kaito III” in Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Shimabara fishing boat “Kaito III”

I went fishing on a boat from Shimabara City!

Target red sea bream using a fishing method called ”Tairaba”.

Tairaba contraption (a simple one made of lead, rubber, fishing hooks, etc.)

The main purpose of this fishing trip was to shoot a video with the help of my family.

▽The day’s events have been made into a movie! Please take a look!

50cm class red sea bream appears

I’m curious about the day’s fishing results…honestly, I’m pretty disappointed 💦

I didn’t have much bite, so I added live shrimp!

We had a hard time with few hits, but somehow a 50cm tall red sea bream showed its face! ! ! It’s huge.

When the conditions are good, even beginners can enjoy fishing for a few red sea bream!

Luxury fish pheasant grouper appears

Depending on the season, you can target fish such as hairtail, yellowtail, yellowtail grouper, and rockfish.

We also use the high-grade fish “Pheasant Grouper”!

This time, a croaker (maybe a croaker?) also made an appearance.

Please watch the video for more details~👀

3 charms of boat fishing in Shimabara (Ariake Sea)

There are many attractions off the coast of Shimabara, but this time I will focus on three.👍

1.Close to fishing spots

First, let’s talk about the travel time to the point.

This time, we enjoyed fishing at a point about 10 minutes from the departure point 🎣

Off the coast of Shimabara is such a popular fishing spot that recreational fishing boats come from as far as Kumamoto and Fukuoka.

Being closer to the fishing spots means less travel time and more time to enjoy fishing.

When I was fishing in the Kanto region, it sometimes took me over an hour to get to the point from when I set out. In comparison, fishing off the coast of Shimabara has become much easier.

The Ariake Sea is an inland sea, so it doesn’t get rough, so I think it’s somewhat gentle for people who tend to get seasick.☺

2.Great location to view the volcano

The second reason is the location of the fishing spot.

You can enjoy fishing while looking at Japan’s newest mountain, Heisei Shinzan.

It feels good just cruising!

Heisei Shinzan looked beautiful on this day too 🌋

3.Good points about the red sea bream

Above all, the best spot for red sea bream is off the coast of Shimabara.

A long time ago, a large-scale mountain collapse in Shimabara claimed the lives of many people. However, on the other hand, the rocks that flow into the sea act as fishing reefs and are home to a variety of fish.

A typical example is red sea bream.

It’s a dream fish for beginners and experienced fish alike.

Sometimes large fish exceeding 80 cm are caught, and you can enjoy catching a few.

Fishing results around early autumn

Why Ariake Sea fish is delicious

The tides in the Ariake Sea are not as clear as the open ocean.

The sea is greenish and at first glance it doesn’t look like a beautiful sea💦

But but! The sea is so rich in nutrients that it is called the “treasure sea.” The sea and people are not what they seem.

Seafood grown in such a rich sea is naturally delicious 😋

Please bring back the fish you caught and eat them.

You can catch red sea bream even in winter.

It’s cold, but why not try your hand at catching some delicious fish? ⛄

The recreational fishing boat “Kaito III” we boarded

This is a recreational fishing boat from Shimabara City, and its main activities are Thai mule fishing and jigging.
*This is the only recreational fishing boat in Shimabara City.

[Half-day boat]
Adult male: 9,500 yen
Women and children: 9,000 yen
*If there is only one woman or child in the group, 500 yen off for the whole group.
*Departure time is negotiable

Captain: Morimoto

Click here for the official homepage

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